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Wheelchair accessible This is a great place to stop and take pictures. If you like to explore, then you will love the Exploratorium.
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To get to the Exploratorium you can take the #28 bus from Fort Mason or transfer to the #28 from the #30 bus at Chestnut & Laguna Street. Tell the bus driver to let you know when you get to Francisco Street, from there walk about two blocks to the Palace of Fine Arts.

Palace of Fine Arts
Palace of Fine Arts

This is a beautiful place to see even if you do not go into the Exploratorium. The building is called the "Palace of Fine Arts", it is located at 3601 Lyon Street. Take a walk around the pond, doesn't this look like a set for a movie?

The Palace of Fine Arts is a beautiful spot to take photos like a family portrait or wedding pictures. The last time I visited there were several people that had professional photographers taking their pictures.

This is also a good place to take a picnic lunch and enjoy the view while relaxing.

Entrance to Exploratorium

The entrance to the Exploratorium is located all the way to the rear of the Palace of Fine Arts at 3601 Lyon Street.

Sumer Hours:
Memorial Day through Labor Day
Open daily, 10am - 6pm; Wednesdays until 9pm

Winter Hours:
Labor Day through Memorial Day
Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm; Wednesdays until 9pm

Admission is Free the first Wednesday of the month.

Exploratorium Entrance inside

The Exploratorium is a very good place to go if you are young or old. There are over 650 hands-on science, art an human-perception exhibits here. If you should run into something you don't really understand, just look for an explainer in an orange vest, or go to the information booth.

Exploratorium tornado exhibit When I walked up to the tornado exhibit there was nothing but a layer of mist on the floor. I started the air inside the chamber moving by blowing, soon the mist formed a column like a tornado.

While I was watching the exhibit two small children climbed inside the chamber and began running around the column of mist. After I left the exhibit I wondered if a person could stand in the middle of the miniature tornado. I will have to try it the next time I go there.

Exploratorium colored light room

This exhibit is called Recollections, and it has a room that you go into and it is dark except for the screen in front of you. When a person moves inside the room it causes the display on the screen to make all kinds of different images.
(It is kind of like an electronic kaleidoscope and you are in it).

Exploratorium color wheel

The exhibit above looked like a light from a disco dance club. You can sit down and change the knobs on the control panel to make the patterns change color or swirl around in different directions.

Exploratorium prism experament

This young boy is showing his father and sister about the prism exhibit. Rather than a hands-on exhibit he is on the exhibit. All the exhibits are here for you to try and explore them.

Exploratorium Tactile Dome

They also have an exhibit called the "Tactile Dome", which is a pitch-black, crawl through experience, call (415) 561-0362. (Tactile Dome requires reservations and there is a additional charge to see it).

Exploratorium the frogs

The frogs are back at the Exploratorium. They used to have a flea exhibit with a flea circus, but when the frogs moved in I guess they ate all the fleas. The frog above was one of the largest, and they have frogs from all around the world.

Angel at the Exploratorium The angel on the left is on of two that have survived since the original building was built. They are made of wood with wire frames inside and were covered with plaster. The new angels out in the garden are made of cement and were cast from these plaster forms.

Court yard at the Palace of Fine Arts

When you are done taking photos here, go back to the same bus stop at Francisco Street and catch the #28 Daily City bus to the Golden Gate Bridge.

For more information you can call (415) EXP-LORE or check out their website on my Links Page.

The next stop on my Photo Tour is the "Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point", to go there Click Continue Tour below.

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