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Golden Gate Bridge

How to get around the city on public transit. (Cable cars, trolleys, subways, and buses)

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David T. Smith

This is a personal Web site. The reason I designed this site is because I enjoy the Web and I love San Francisco. The following pages will tell you how to enjoy your trip here as cheaply as possible.

Some people come to San Francisco expecting to see Sunny California, they do not know our nickname is Fog City. You need to bring a jacket or good wind-breaker with you almost year-round. It never snows here, but it feels very cold with all the wind we have.

If this is your first time to this site, I suggest you start with the Full Tour. While on the tour you learn how to get around the city on public transit. It even helps you plan what you want to see on your trip here. Even if you're not coming to San Francisco at this time, this site is a good way to view the city.

If you select Continue Tour on any of my pages it will continue down the list on my Home Page. You can see all of the city on my Home Page, which links you to all the pages on my site. You can start and stop the tour at any point, just remember where you stopped the tour, when you return to my Home Page you can restart the tour from that point or where ever you desire. You can also select any page, view it then return to the same place on Home Page by clicking on Back.

The photos on my page are all full size so you don't have to load the data for each photo. I want you to see my photos, so why hide them in a thumbnail photo. Please let the first photo on each new page load before moving down the page. Take your time and enjoy your tour of San Francisco.

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