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SBC Park

The new home of the San Francisco Giants, opened its gates in April 2000, it is now called SBC Park, formerly Pacific Bell Park. From the Ferry Building it is a very scenic 1 mile stroll along the Embarcadero to the new ballpark.
Wheelchair accessible Note: People in a wheelchair can get to the ballpark by catching the N Judah street car.
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East side of ballpark

When you reach the east side of the ballpark, you will discover it is bound by King, 2nd and 3rd Streets, and, on the south, by the China Basin Channel. You can also easily reach the park by bus, train, streetcar, ferryboat and bicycle. A parking area is provided for cars and bicycles.

Note: They are now in the process of changing the signs on the Park

Front of SBC Park

As you may have noticed, the Embarcadero has turned into King Street. The front of the SBC Park faces King Street, and it is highlighted by 17-story lights that are specially designed not to flood the local neighborhood with light.

SBC Park Main Entrance

This is SBC Park's Main Entrance, it is located at King and 3rd Street, and inside is a state-of-the-art ballpark. It was designed with all the modern amenities fans love in a new ballpark. On days when the ballpark is closed, you can take a tour of the park for about $10.00 per person. The tour cost about $2.00 more than the ballparks cheapest seats.

Palm trees in front of SBC Park

Off to the right side of the Main Entrance is a palm-lined pathway leading to a statue of Hall of Famer Willie Mays.

Hall of Famer Willie Mays

The Willie Mays statue is located on the corner of King and 3rd Street. While you are here you may want someone to take your picture in front of it. Now make a left at 3rd Street an walk toward the rear of the stadium.

Restaurant at SBC Park

Located around the ballpark is several sit-down restaurants and cocktail lounges. I believe some of them are open all year long. Inside the ballpark, I have heard the concession stands are quite expensive, like $6.00 for a beer, and $3.00 for a bag of peanuts. I have also heard that some of the fans leave the ballpark to go to a nearby McDonalds Restaurant then return to the ballpark.

West side of Pacific Bell Park

We are now on the west side of SBC Park on 3rd Street, and off to the right we can walk to the rear of the ballpark. If you want to see a game, and have no tickets, on the day of a game they set aside 500 tickets for sale. You have to be at the ticket booth four hours before the game for chance to buy up to four tickets. Good luck getting one! For more information, go to .

Back side of SBC Park

The wharf-side promenade is located to the rear of right field and beside the China Basin Channel. On game day you might just see a ball fly out of the ballpark and into the water. On some days they have a boat with dogs that are trained to retrieve the ball from the water. On other days it's whoever gets to it first gets it.

Now here is a special tip for you, look to the left and there are gates you can enter, they are located under the manual score board
Looking through the fence at SBC Park

Once inside you can get a free glimpse of the baseball action. From this view point you are just a couple of feet from right field. You are also viewing the field from the same eye level as a baseball player sees it.

Looking through the fence at SBC Park

From here you can see the left field seats and some of the ballplayers in action. When you return from your vacation you can tell your friends you had a front row view right next to the baseball field.

Looking through the fence at SBC Park

Looking off to our right is the center field seats. Next to the large Coca-Cola bottle is a large baseball mitt. I wonder if someone hits a baseball and it lands in the mitt, if it is considered an out?

Looking through the fence at SBC Park

Last but not least is a view towards home plate. I believe I could get better photo's by using a tripod and setting the camera on manual focus. The reason is because the camera was focusing in on the fence and not the distant objects. I think I will try it the next time I go there.

Well that's the end of the ballpark tour, so now let's head back to the front of the stadium and catch the N Judah streetcar. From here you could ride the N Judah all the way to the Pacific Ocean, but for today we will get off at the Powell Street Station.

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