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Fleet Week

Wheelchair accessible Fleet Week is scheduled every year for the weekend before Columbus Day in October.

The Navys' Blue Angels, one of the main events of Fleet Week. It happens once a year when the fleet returns to its Home Port of San Francisco. The Navy has closed the U.S. Navel Station at Treasure Island, but they still return every year for Fleet Week.
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You can view the Air Show and the Parade of Ships from the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point, Crissy Field, Marina Green, Fort Mason, and Aquatic Park at Fishermans Wharf. You have two days to see the Air Show and you can view it from a different location each day. Another good thing about Fleet Week, it's FREE.

Ship's coming in

The Parade of Ships is set for 11 a.m. Saturday, when they sail through the Golden Gate. The Fire Boats lead the way spraying water high into the air.

The Parade of Ships may even have a submarine or two with them. The best part of the show is last, so bring a blanket or something to sit on. On Sunday the ships will be open to the public, check the newspaper her for time an place.

Blue angels loop

The Air show on Saturday and Sunday starts around 12:15 p.m. and ends around 4 p.m. . The Blue Angels start their part of the show about 3 p.m. . Be prepaired for a full day, you may want to bring something to eat or drink.

Headed down

Dont forget to bring plenty of film or tape for your camera. A video camera is the best for the air show because still cameras can't show the full stunt.

The triangle formation

During the Air Show you will see many different flying acts performed. The best stunt I saw last year was when a bi-plane stopped in midair with its nose pointing straight up and then it flew across the bay like a helicopter.

Fleet flying over

Many of these stunts will be recreated by the Navys' Blue Angels and they will be the most daring part of the whole Air Show. The field of view for the Navys' Blue Angels is much larger.


I could have added several pictures of the Navy's Blue Angels but I feel I can not make as good of a performace on the web as they deserve.

Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Look above at them heading straight for the Golden Gate Bridge, everyone said they are going to fly under it.
Look below for results.

I took the photo below October, 1996 or 1997?

Blue Angels flying thru cables on bridge

After circling around it looked like they flew right through the cables hanging down on the bridge and everyone standing around me did not believe what they just saw. (They would have had to go through a set of cables on each side of the bridge.) Then I said I have it on tape for proof.

PLEASE NOTE: Later on I found out it was just a optical illusion and they flew over the bridge. If you want to see a video of it, click below and you can see it for yourself.

Click Here to see Blue Angels Video 286K file
NOTE: For more complete information and schedule for Fleet Week and the Blue Angels click my Links Page to the right.
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