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Fort Mason

Handicap accessible At Fort Mason there are several museums, a live theater, and many special events held here.
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We are now at the entrance to Fort Mason. Just inside the gate is the bus stop for the #28 line. We will be catching it when we leave.

Main entrance to Fort Mason

There are four museums at Fort Mason, The Mexican Museum in building D, Museo Italoamericano in building C, SF African American Historical & Cultural Society in building C, and the Sf Craft & Folk Art Museum in building A.

All the museums in San Francisco are FREE on the first Wednesday of every month, they are open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. on that day.

Old cab in parking lot

This old cab is just like the first car I ever had. It is a 1948 DeSoto. I paid $75 for it in 1963, and now how much do you think it is worth?

Behind the cab is one of the piers, let's take a walk out there, and look around.

Golden Gate Bridge

Looking west we see the Golden Gate Bridge. On the left side is San Francisco, and on the right is Sausalito, which is a very nice place to go to. There are many shops and restaurants there.

Beyond the bridge is the Pacific Ocean.

North Bay

Looking to the north is Angel Island State Park. I have never been there, so I can't tell you anything about it yet.

Looking toward Hyde Street Pier

Looking east is the old boats at Hyde Street Pier. You can also see the long fishing pier, at the end of it is a very good place to take photos.

Old fire house

This is the old Fort Mason Fire House, it is no longer used for fires, now they have meetings in it. Off to the left you can see Alcatraz Island.

Looking up at trail

Now let's jump back upon the Fort Mason Trail so we can get a better view of the Fort. There is a set of steps to climb the hill. They don't like people climbing the hill behind the Fire House because it kills the plants.

Fort Mason looking at side of piers

Looking to the left side and just behind the bushes is the Fire House where we were standing before. They use to dock the Jeremiah O'Brien here. It is one of the last Liberty Ships that survived World War II. They are restoring it at Fishermans Wharf, it sometimes is docked behind the submarine there..

Looking at front of pier's

Every week they have shows, exhibits, or sales in the pier's to the right. I have seen them completly carpet both warehouses, set up walls, and install furniture all in one week, then have a one day show, then tear it all out the next week. Lots of money goes into some of these shows, and they have big sponsors.

Fort Mason parking lot

Looking down at Fort Mason's parking lot we can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, we will be heading that way after our stop by the Exploratorium. The long building in the center has different art work and glass for sale each week. Off to the left is the Gate House.

Now walk back to the Gate House and catch the #28 Daly City bus. We are now off to the Exploritorium and the Golden Gate Bridge. Tell the bus driver to let you know where to get off for the Exploratorium.

The next stop on my Photo Tour is the "Exploratorium", to go there Click Continue Tour below.

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