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Wheelchair accessible This page shows some of the most popular rides at Six Flags Marine World, including the "Medusa" and the "ROAR" roller coasters.
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Six Flags Entrance

Six Flags Marine World is the only park in the United States that offers a wildlife park, oceanarium, and theme park all in one place. Come as close as you want to some of the animals and birds.

The park is closed November 2000 through March, 2001.

You should plan your trip so you arrive around 10:00 a.m. when the park opens. For more information call Six Flags at 707-643-6722 for recorded information or 707-556-5216 for group sales.

Six Flags Marine World is located in Vallejo, California on Highway 37, just off of Interstate 80, watch for the signs. It is about 25 miles northeast of San Francisco as the crow flies.

"Vertical Velocity (New for 2001)"

Vertical Velocity on back hill.
Vertical Velocity at the top.

The Vertical Velocity Roller Coaster is different than other roller coasters, instead of going over hills, it starts by shooting out of the loading platform and climbing half way up the spiral hill. Then the coaster falls weightless back down the hill and as it passes through the loading platform it gains more velocity and shoots verticaly back up the other hill.

Now you are looking down at the ground and the coaster is headed straight down. As you race through the loading platform, the coaster gains enough velocity to climb and spiral all the way to the top of the other hill.

"Medusa (New for 2000)"

Six Flags Entrance


Roar Roller Coaster

Looking to the left side of the parking lot is the new ROAR wooden roller coaster that is 100 feet tall and travels 50 miles per hour with a 3.5 G-force. There are 20 cross-overs and it all adds up to you having a ROARing fun time.


Kong Ride

Looking to the right side of the parking lot is the new Kong Ride. If you like to ride roller coasters you are sure going to enjoy this ride. You sit with your feet dangling in the air, and you only have a pull down horsecollar to hold you in. All riders must be over 52 inches to ride.

Kong upside down

There are several loops and spirals which turn you completely upside down. While you are riding it you feel the beast toss and throw you all around and when you get off you feel as though you have conquered the real beast, KONG.


Jamboo Ride

The Jambo is simular to a ferris wheel, but this ride only has one very large car for everone to sit in. Everyone sits sideways as compared to a ferris wheel, and it travels much faster. At any time the ride may switch directions or change speed. The view at the top is quite nice, but it only last for a second or two.

"Voo Doo"

Voo Doo Ride

The VOO DOO, which is located in the Wildlife section of the park, is quick spinning and can change direction while you move around in a large circular motion that changes direction also. The best time to ride is before you eat your lunch, other riders don't want to share your lunch. All the rides have a height requirement you must meet before you can ride them.

"What's Up Rock?"

A stage show

"WHATS UP ROCK" is a musical review of the '50s and it has all your favorite cartoon characters from Looney Tunes. The show is located in Looney Tunes Seaport, and this is where all the little people and young at heart come to enjoy rides, and play areas. They have a height requirement in this section of the park also, you must be under a certain height to ride the rides.


The Boomerang Ride

The BOOMERANG can best be discribed by looking at the picture above. The coaster backs up the first hill on the right, when it reaches the top it is released and you travel through the loops and go up the second hill on the right. The coaster is then towed up to the top of the second hill and released, and you travel backwards through the loops.

"Monsoon Falls"

The Monsoon Ride

MONSOON FALLS is a very popular ride on especialy hot days. The time spent on the ride is very short, it takes you up the hill, then moves over to the water fall, and then drops your boat over the falls. You may get a little wet on this ride, see picture below.

Getting soaked on the Monsoon

You should leave your camera equipment with a friend before you get on this ride, as you can see you get soaked. As you exit the ride, and cross the bridge I am standing on, stop for a moment to see other riders get wet, you can also get wet there.

I can not tell you about every ride in the park nor can I tell about every amimal in the Wildlife Park, but I will show you all of the best things to do at Six Flags Marine World.

The next page is where you should really start your tour of the park, but I thought you would like to see the rides first.

The next stop on my Photo Tour is the "Six Flags Marine World (Oceanarium)", to go there Click Continue Tour below.

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