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Six Flags Marine World

Wheelchair accessible When you come to the Six Flags Marine World you should stop for a minute to plan your day so you can see all the shows. The best way is to start out seeing the shows then ride the rides later in the day. If you should pass by a ride that has very few people in line then ride it.
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"Shark Experience"

Clear tunnel

We start out at the Shark Experience where you journey through a crystal clear, underwater tunnel into a mysterious tropical reef and encounter some of the ocean's most feared predators in a safe environment.

Sharks on top

The Shark Experience exhibit contains many fish and they swim in large schools. Every time a shark shows up they swim away. Can you imagine how many this shark can consume in one bite?

Sharks on bottom

Here a pair of sharks lay in wait for their next meal. You can see them eat the smaller fish as they swim by. You might notice there are no other fish around.

Fish in aquarium

These fish are measured in inches compared to feet for the sharks. They are in a smaller aquarium and are quite colorful compared to the sharks. the larger fish is a scavenger fish that feeds off the bottom.

"Sea Lion Show"

The splash

The shows here are staggered, and last about 15 minutes each, so you have a chance to see all of them in one day. This show has sea lions, and if you don't mind getting wet then sit in the front rows. You will be out in the sun all day so bring plenty of sun screen.

Sea lions

I really loved this part of the park because these seals really put on a good show. You wouldn't believe how much water those flippers can splash on you. Their bark sounds like a dog with a hoarse throat.

Seal on side

Here I am, take my picture is what this sea lion is saying. He does this day after day can't you see why he is bored with it all. Some times they let people touch the animals.

"Dolphin Show"

Four dolphins jumping

We move on to the dolphin tank with a lot more space for these aquatic mammels which are related to small whales. Here we see four of them jumping at once. After each stunt they swim to the instructor for a treat. They have to perform it right or they have to do it again to get the treat.

Jumping for ball

After gaining speed underwater this dolphin jumps out of the water like a guided missel. They are able to go quite high and are very accurate on hitting the target.

"Killer Whale Show"

Posing for picture

At the Killer Whale Stadium you see Vigga, which is big aquatic mammel killer whale. Above you can see him or her out of the water posing for a picture. All of Marine World is a new and exciting adventure. The show is only performed twice each day, at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m..

Killer whale doing back splash

This killer whale is doing a back splash trying to get the people in the audience wet, it seems like it is all they want to do is get you wet at the park. You can sit in the back rows if you just want to stay dry and see the show.

Just woke up seal

You don't have to go into some of the shows just to see the animals, here a seal just woke up after a nap in the sun at Seal Cove. He was laying on a pile of rocks in the middle of a large pond with some other seals.

Pond with flamingo's

As you can see above it is a very beautiful park. Now let's take a walk through the Wildlife Park, and see even more shows there. To go to page 3 select Continue Tour below.

The next stop on my Photo Tour is the "Six Flags Marine World (Wildlife Park)", to go there Click Continue Tour below.

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